A talented young genius inherited a lot of his skills from his father who works as an electrician. Jouko Joensuu started assembling and programming his first electronic devices on early age. Interest grew on through the elementary school as Jouko started participating local robot wars with his own creations and became almost unbeatable at all the leagues he participated. After the elementary school he decided to go to the Finnish School of Watchmaking and learn more about manufacturing and assembling mechanical devices. He got in at the first attempt. After gratuating as a micro-mechanic in 2008 he went to carry out the military service. After the military he worked as a micro-mechanic in an international company that manufactures environmental and industrial measuring technology.

September 2010 he decided to start his own enterprise ”Mikromekaanikko Jouko Joensuu” and started teaching at the school as a substitute teacher and also begun teaching evening lessons on robotics.

August 2014 when also Lauri Raunio started studying in the Finnish School of Watchmaking and taking part on robotic lessons their paths crossed. Mutual interests and a great belief on the devices Jouko had made already led to the situation that the team started developing devices for customers. Three years of development molded the hairspring device to its current form.

June 2015 The enterprise ”Micro-Mechanic Jouko Joensuu” changed its name to ”Rataspari”. Rataspari, meaning ”a pair of gears” in Finnish. The name resembling the idea that both have equally great value to the company's current state and products. While Lauri has a long history in the hobby of high end music reproducing and a previous degree of a woodworking artisan designing high quality products comes naturally to him while Jouko concentrates more on electronics and manufacturing.

July 2015 The first new device is being delivered to a happy customer.

June 2016 Rataspari moves to a bigger facilities in Renko, Hämeenlinna.